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Imagine a low-cost, hassle-free process free zone, of mainland business set up that not only opens doors to your new office but also to endless opportunities in the land of entrepreneurship Dubai. 

We offer you comprehensive company formation services, starting your business in Dubai is more than just a dream—it’s your next big leap towards success, crafted perfectly
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In Which Free Zone I should Set-up My Business In Dubai?

Dubai alone has over 40 free zones, and the UAE all together offers over 50 locations. Alongside the free zones, the UAE offers the Mainland jurisdiction and the UAE offshore jurisdiction.

The vast number of free zones and the different regulations and practices mean that a one-size-fits all approach simply does not work! 

Consult with us first or your business advisor

Before you make your choice, it’s crucial to seek expert advice tailored to your unique business needs!   

Consult with us today… the best part is it is Free!  

Mainland Company Setup

Perform your business activities in the local market with no limitations.
Easier banking solutions and KYC
Starting from AED 16,991

Free Zone Company Setup

Over 30 Dubai free zones and 40 in the UAE.
Wide range of activities, 100% foreign ownership and potential tax free benefits
Starting from AED 12,500

Offshore Company Setup

Hold investments and real-estate everywhere. Easy compliance requirements
and possibility to implement English Common Law
Starting from AED 18,500

UAE Company Set-up Process

Unlocking Opportunities...
Empowering Dreams

UAE Company Set-up Process | Company Setup UAE

What documents do I need to register my company?


There are 3 main jurisdictions in Dubai where you can set up your business: 1. Mainland, 2. Free Zones and 3. Offshore Free Zones.

The ideal jurisdiction for your business depends on your business model, goals, and the locations of your customers and clients. There is no one solution that fits all.

You must analyze all the factors to know the best jurisdiction that fits your business needs. Please do seek professional advice; we have seen companies close their businesses because they were given wrong advice from a friend or an unofficial source (sometimes from advisors and consultants!).

— Well, in Dubai, VAT and customs duty fees are as low as 5% for the majority of products and services. The new corporate tax law provides a standard corporate tax rate of 9% with generous exemptions. And not to mention, that there is no personal income tax here.

— You can embrace the freedom of 100% foreign ownership! Dubai rolls out the red carpet for your business ambitions, giving you full control of your venture.

— Fairly easy compliance requirements (unless you are in banking, insurance, real-estate, others), letting you focus on what truly matters – your business!

— No currency exchange restrictions and seamless money transfers. Dubai’s business-friendly policies ensure your funds are as flexible as you are.

— Dubai’s strategic location connects you to the global market effortlessly. And with Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airlines at your doorstep, the sky’s the limit!

— Dubai attracts High Net Worth Individuals that makes it one of the locations to surround yourself with like-minded businessmen and entrepreneurs.

— Safety Beyond Comparison: In Dubai, safety isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Here, you will experience peace of mind as you build your dreams in one of the safest cities on Earth.

The Dubai Dream, Remotely Realized

No need to pack your bags and head to Dubai just yet. We’ve mastered the art of setting up businesses remotely! Wherever you are, we’ll be your local guide to navigate Dubai’s vibrant business landscape.

What you see on our website are the government fees that you need to pay directly to the government authority without us being a middleman. These fees are even found on the authority’s website itself. The attractive prices you see other firms advertising may be for business set-ups in a different Emirate, not in Dubai. If you’re interested in establishing your business in another Emirate, we’re more than happy to assist and provide you with the applicable fees.

You don’t have to 😊 When you come to Dubai, you will hear everyone trying to make the salty sea water, a honey sweet ginger tea. We recommend you listen to everyone and then assess who has the true source of knowledge, reliable information, and practical solutions – for us, we are no fluff, no fuss!

Your company set-up application process consists of two main stages. Initially, your application must be reviewed and approved by the security office. Only after receiving this approval can the government licensing authority proceed with processing your application.

Typically, the licensing authority completes this process within 2 to 3 days, but it can take up to a maximum of 5 days. However, please be aware that the lengthiest part of the process can be the security check, which could take anywhere from 1 day up to 30 days in special cases. This means the security check may potentially cause delays in the overall application process.